Group tab makes it easy to keep profits inside your auto group

30. November 2011 09:14

We are always listening to users. Many auto groups told us that they would like an easy way to buy and sell cars within their auto group before taking the cars to auction. Today we are happy to announce we are releasing a “My Group” feature....with our usual no buy fees and no sell fees. After buying and selling within your group, it is just one click to put the cars into the total market. If you would like to enable this feature, talk to your Account Executive (Contact Us).

Our company was built based on direct feedback from you. Please feel free to comment on anything in the comments box below; we love to hear from you. Let's transform the industry together.

How to be a Rock Star

27. November 2011 13:39

What does it take to be a rock star?  Passion for what you are doing and a commitment to excellence.  There are a lot of karaoke singers but very few rock stars.  Rock stars want to be the best.  They spend personal time working at their craft.  However, it is not work, since they are passionate about what they are doing.  Most people just go through the motions.  It is much more fun to be a rock star