Check Out Our New Features!!

5. July 2012 09:28

Over the past few months, we have received a lot of feedback, and today you will find several new features.  As always, everything is very intuitive and there is no need to learn new software.  Just follow the new options available to you.

Condition Reports – When you post a vehicle, you can decide to self-disclose or order an inspection.  If you choose self-disclose for a frontline vehicle, the defaults for a frontline vehicle are automatically filled in, and then you just post the frontline vehicle as normal.  Of course, if there are things that need to be disclosed, just check the appropriate boxes.  Fresh Trades do not have default disclosures, but it is easy to walk through the disclosures with a lot less typing than previously required.  If you order an inspection, an inspector will be automatically dispatched to handle the inspection for you.  Unlike other companies, we do not try to increase revenues by lots of add-on fees.  We are charging $22 to cover the cost of the driving and labor.

Buy Now in the Offer System – Want the car now?  If the seller has enabled “Buy Now” when a car is posted, then buyers can purchase the car immediately.  A “Buy Now” button appears next to the normal “Make Offer” button.

Looking for Cars Within a Certain Price Range? – Go to the Cars I Want page, and you can now specify the price range of cars you would like to purchase.  For example, you can select “All” makes and models for under $15,000, and you will receive notifications on every car that is listed for $15,000 or less.

We greatly appreciate the feedback.  Keep it coming.  This is your community of trusted dealers, and with your help, we can continue to build a system that makes it easy to trade directly with no middlemen and costly fees.  If you run into any problems, please call your Account Executive.  We pride ourselves in responding to your phone calls immediately.