Jim Wetzel Retires After 24 Years With Mossy Nissan Oceanside

24. October 2012 06:36

Jim Wetzel retires after almost 24 years with the Mossy Auto Group. Mossy Nissan Celebrated Jim's retirement with a 100 plate luncheon with CEO Phil Mossy and President Peter Mossy along with many of his Friends and Co-workers. A few tears and funny stories were shared by all. Jim started with the Mossy Group when they just had the one Nissan Store in National City and Mossy Ford in Pacific Beach. He had a real impact on the growth of the Company with many out of his out of the box decisions and policies along the way. Jim formed the Mossy Auto Auction in 1992 that now sells about 150 to 200 cars a week, and implemented a Used Car Certification program in 1993, just to name a few. Now, with six Nissan Stores and soon to be seven . One Ford and One Toyota Store. Two VW stores, One Scion and One BMW store later, The Mossy family has displayed the results of their hard work and passion even in the difficult economic times. Their Mission Statement is " Create and environment of high integrity and mutual respect. Create well trained people to satisfy the wants and needs of our clients, and to deliver exceptional value in all of our products and services." We could say that Jim has been a walking, talking example of that Mission statement all along the way. Few people that have ever done business with him disagree. He is well known within the Dealers Forum Family and is about to become a member of our dealer group. Jim has been on our Board of Advisors since the DF conception, played a part in the original concept of DF and is admired by many. I can say that he will be a well accepted member of this elite group of Dealers. 

You can now find Jim Wetzel on the Non-Franchise tab. Jim takes extreme pride in his cars and looks forward to keeping up old realtionships while building new ones.  Please check out his cars under the Non-Franchise Tab.