Whack-a-mole: We have received your feedback and we are listening.

4. February 2015 02:00

THANKS FOR ALL OF THE GREAT FEEDBACK.  Our sales team has been visiting with dealers and pulling overpriced cars off of the list.  As you can see, there has been a big improvement in pricing.  However,  sometimes it is like whack-a-mole and overpriced cars pop up.  We have the hammer out and are whacking the mole.

As we go into a strong selling market, now is a good time to sell any slow moving cars.  A car that is moving slow on your lot might be a gem and fill a nice hole on someone else's lot.  So please list your cars ....our network is the right audience for you.  

Bill Lauer


Our goal is for The Dealers’ Forum be the best franchise-to-franchise used car site on the planet. Not only do we bring tremendous value to both buyers and sellers with no transaction fees, but we also bring together some of the best car guys the market has to offer.

Part of what makes a system valuable is maintaining a good velocity at which cars turn on our system. To ensure our system remains a “true” wholesale venue, we are putting some polices in place to better achieve this goal. We ask that all of our dealers price their cars no greater than $500 over wholesale Kelley Blue Book including miles. So, for example if KBB wholesale book is $12,000 plus a $500 mileage add, then the max asking price would be $13,000. If KBB wholesale is $12,000 with no mileage add, then the max asking price would be $12,500. Of course, the optimum price point will always be what the car is worth. For example, if KBB is $30,000 but MMR is $25,000, then perhaps the best asking price would be $27,000 on a frontline-ready reconditioned car, but not anywhere near KBB or $30,000.

Not only will this new policy attract more buyers to bid on cars from serious sellers, but all cars will sell and turn at a much faster rate because they are priced closer to market. This will help weed out those cars that are overpriced and will stop wasting buyer’s time when searching for cars to buy. If you are heavy in your car or cannot afford to take the loss, it’s best to just retail out of it. If you are able to write the car down to a realistic wholesale market price, then we would become the venue to list your car. We understand that there are exceptions to this policy with specialty cars, but this should be infrequent.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you are unable to reduce your cars prices to within $500 of KBB including miles, we ask that you take them down. Our Account Executives will be following up with you. We greatly appreciate your continued support for The Dealers’ Forum. We work very hard on your behalf, and your continued feedback is extremely valuable in making this the best place for franchise car stores.