RECORD 980 sales last week - estimating 48,000 sales this year!

3. September 2019 23:45

We want to thank all of our franchise dealerships for breaking a new record by selling 980 cars last week.  We are on track to sell 48,000 trade-in and aged front line units 

Why are we bringing great money for your cars?

1. We sell your as-is cars with our “As-Described Guarantee.”  All cars have a thorough 40-minute inspection by an ASE Certified mechanic, not a picture taker.  We stand behind these inspections with our “As-Described Guarantee.”  If we miss anything in the inspection, we pay for it.  We will spend more than $2.0 million in arbitration settlements this year.  Buyers know that we are serious about properly describing the cars.  By reducing the risk to buyers, they have the confidence to make strong bids on your cars.

2. We have built a very strong buyer base.  We have more than 2,700 buyers.  Since we have been selling fresh trades in California for more than 5 years, we have built a reputation that gives our buyers confidence.

Why have franchise dealerships been happy listing with us?

Franchise dealerships have been happy listing cars with us, because they see the great money that we are bringing, and we make it easy.  We dispatch the inspectors to their dealerships and list the cars in our auction.  There are no sell fees or inspection fees.  If for any reason, the seller is not happy with the money we are bringing, they can always send it downstream to their traditional brick-and-mortar auction.  There are no bad run numbers or sabotaged cars in our auction.

Thanks for your confidence. 

We continue to strive to get better each and every week.  If for any reason you have not run cars with us before, please feel free to call us at 844-428-9638 or email or


John & Bill Lauer

Co-Founders of CARWAVE

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